Often times people will look over my shoulder and say, “Wow, I wish I could draw like that. Are you in an art class? How did you learn to draw like that?” Well there’s a few things you should know. One; you CAN draw ‘like that’ just not yet. Sadly you can’t become a good artist over night. Two; yes, I am in an art class. If you can get to an art class, in or out of school, I would suggest doing so. If you can’t it’s not the end of the world, just keep drawing at home. Finally three; I learned through years of trial and error, through many criticisms, good and bad, I’ve had plenty of people laugh and shame my art but the point is to keep trying. If you don’t try to be an artist then you wont be.

Where do I start?
Almost everyone draws as a child, as we get older we either don’t have time or loose interest in drawing. When you get older you decide you want to start drawing but realize the last thing you learned to draw was a stick figure. At this point most people give up and say its hopeless. IT’S ONLY HOPELESS IF YOU GIVE UP! So lets start with the stick figure. No its not an amazing piece of art you’re proud of but why? Why are stick figures not visually appealing? Because they have no curves. they’re just five lines and a circle. Look at a person near you, your mom, brother, friend, a stranger. Are they made of five lines and a circle? No! People have NO straight lines. Stick figures are the most in-accurate depiction of a human being because of that one simple fact. So lesson learned: No straight lines!. Ok, fine….so how do you draw something that’s not a stick figure? My biggest tip for ANY artist, new or experienced, is anatomy. learn to draw the skeleton. “The skeleton, why?” Why you ask? Because learning about your skeleton teaches you where joints are and how joints move. Your bones are about the straightest part of your body so unless you’re a professional cartoon artist, no noodle arms! the only place your arms and legs move is where there is a joint. “How am I supposed to know where all these joints are?” By looking at a skeleton. any place two bones meet is a joint. once you draw your people with meat and skin on them their movements will look more realistic because you know where the joints are. “I know the joints now…but the arm still looks funny…” Well it maybe one of two main problems. proportion or muscle placement. take a look at muscle anatomy and check to make sure you aren’t putting muscle in the wrong place. Also take a look at some pictures of different types of people, make a sure your character is proportional.

Hope this helped! More to come.



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