I know this has nothing to do with art but i am just going to rant a little about birthdays because mine has recently passed. You have to hate when someone asks what day your birthday is on and you tell them expecting them to forget….but instead they jot it down on their phone. The entire week leading up to your birthday they keeping reminding you and worse, they start telling other people. To stop people from trying to get me presents and avoid the birthday song i tell them that my birthday has already passed but then there’s that one friend who knows and runs up to correct me by telling whoever i’m talking to that it hasn’t passed. Its just a domino effect from there, suddenly everyone on your color guard team knows. I know most people like to tell everyone their birthday and enjoy being showered with gifts but that’s not me. I would rather have a long productive day at school and focus on the competitions we have to preform at then be distracted and pestered by the reminder that today was the day I was born. Congratulations to me, I survived another year…can we get back to life now? Nope. The entire day there are people saying “Happy birthday!” and “How does it feel to be older?” It doesn’t feel any different. There’s no magical tingly sensation or poof you look different. You are exactly the same as you were yesterday. Whats worse are the friends that get you super awesome gifts. I have a personal rule that if you really want to get me something, get me something cheap like a bag of chips or some cool socks. It shows you are an appreciative friend who didn’t forget my birthday. I respect that, a quick happy birthday and some snacks to share. But nope. There are those over the top friends who get you the coolest stuff, because they know you well, and you know that it wasn’t cheap. It drives me crazy because A; I need to figure out when there birthday is and B; I feel the need to get them something equally as cool or else I feel like a horrible person. So yea, I currently owe one of my friends a super awesome birthday present…Why cant we all just do art trades? That’s what one of my friends does with me, we just write a story or draw a picture for holiday gifts. Its easy and fun. Oh well, guess i’ll just have to get a bit creative in finding a way to get my friend a present as equally cool as the one they gave me. Could be fun. Anyway have a wonderful Hollows Eve, and stay safe!



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