A lot of the time I want to draw or write but I don’t know what I want to draw or write about. In these moments of art block we need INSPIRATION. It may seem like a difficult thing to find when you have art block but it’s not. Here’s some tips to get your creative juices going.

  1. Find a piece of dialog: listen to friends talking or use a writing a prompt on the internet. For writers it sparks an idea about a conversation two characters may be having  and can help start off a new chapter. For artists it may inspire an action drawing. For example: “No we cannot bring the cat on the plane!” It is obviously a piece of random dialog that has no backstory or meaning to it, so its up to you to give it that. If you’re a writer think about why these characters are going on a plane. Are the on vacation and don’t want to leave their cat at home? Maybe they’re spies trying to escape the country but of of them has become attached to a stray cat. If you’re drawing try drawing a plane, maybe you’re not good at drawing them. Draw the cat, maybe your’e not great at drawing animals. Try creating the characters going on the plane, be creative!
  2. Look at the people around you: People are all very unique and interesting with incredibly different personalities and styles. Whether you’re writing about a new character or drawing one, use the people around you for inspiration. For example; a man with thick glasses, messy hair, and a heavy old jacket walks by. Maybe he looks like an adventurer to you, maybe he becomes the side character that shows your character the way around the world. Maybe hes some grumpy grandfather looking for his rambunctious grandchildren. Write or draw a story about this person as a fantasy character
  3. Scenery: I personally don’t like drawing still life or scenery but when your creative energy is low, picking up a pencil and drawing anything will help get you going. try drawing pictures of scenery from your stories. Not a writer? Try drawing a park or city.

Inspiration is everywhere, just keep your mind open and keep thinking creatively.



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