In life there is always too much to do and never enough time. Ontop of that we often have set backs. Currently I’m having one. Dancing is a passion of mine, I love creating art through movement but recently my breathing problems have been acting up. It’s hard to preform when you aren’t getting enough air in your lungs to keep you standing straight up. I’ve been to the doctors twice now, the first time they thought it was asthma. It wasn’t. Inhalers did nothing to help. Then we thought it was anxiety and it was. The problems stopped as soon as I realized it was in my head but now it’s back and I can’t stop it. I don’t know if it is anxiety but if it is it’s something completely out of my control. It’s been very frustrating, I walk slow, I’ve become clumsy, I can’t dance, I feel like a crippled old man. The doctors tried to give me anxiety pills but after looking them up I discovered they only work for about two weeks until your body becomes immune to it. On top of that you become addicted and suffer extream depression and anxiety…..isn’t that what I was trying to stop? Needless to say I haven’t taken them. Instead I’ve been trying natural remedies such as; kava root pills and herbal teas specialized in stress relief….it still isn’t working very well. I get this pressure in my chest, as if someone is pushing down on my rib cage. It gets worse over time until it feels like someone is grabbing my heart and squeezing it.

You’re probably wondering why I am telling you all of this. For a few reasons. Mainly I want everyone to remember that your mental health is extreamly important. You need to relax and give yourselves a break sometimes. You are all hardworking artists who need a little rest sometimes. I know deadlines can be stressful and artblock can ruin a day but just remember to stay calm. Try meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises, or maybe aroma therapy.

Another reason I’m talking about this is discouragement. I’ve recently become very discouraged because of my breathing, or lack there of. Ive become this clumsy, slow, version of myself. Friday I had to miss out on preforming in a parade because of these problems. I just want to remind myself and any other discouraged artists out there; DONT BE DISCOURAGED! You know your power and you know your limits. If your injured, take it easy. You will find a way to heal and once you are healthy again and ready you wil preform to the best of your abilities as you always have, whether it be dancing or drawing. You know you are a great artist so just because you aren’t doing your best now doesn’t mean you’ll never be great again, it just means you need some time.

Thats all for today; stay strong!



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