On my travels through art I have often wondered; How could i make a mold of this? I know there are a lot of methods to making molds and creating objects from them but for starters I just wanted to learn how to make small simple things. I also knew that the supplies for making molds were expensive and hard to come by so I decided to try an easier, cheaper, version.

For starters you will need playdough (I haven’t tried it but i’m sure clay would also work) and several sticks of hot glue as well as the small object you’d like to duplicate. In my case I tried this with some cameos and a tiny, creepy, baby doll face.  Before you pick your object I’d suggest NOT using a doll face, for some reason it’s just very difficult to get a clean mold of. It seemed flatter objects, like the cameos I used, tend to work better. Also this is a lot of trial and error so just try things out and see what works for you.

Now that you have all your supplies roll your playdough (or clay) into a ball and flatten it into a thick pancake. If you do it too thin your object might poke through the other side and ruin your mold. Push your object into the playdough and, without disturbing the playdough, carefully take your object out. In the playdough should be a perfect imprint of the object. If its not perfect then roll up the playdough and start again. If it does look exactly like your object then prepare your hot glue gun.

Your hot glue gun should be plugged in, hot, and ready to go for this part. If the glue comes out slowly this will probably not work. Also have extra sticks of glue near by as larger objects may require two sticks and you will need to put the second stick in quickly before the hot glue already in the mold cools. If you are ready now then go for it. Firmly push the glue stick into the glue gun and keep pressing until your mold is filled. When it’s filled, set the mold aside and wait for it to cool. Luckily hot glue dries pretty quick so as soon as you are able to touch it without the hot glue inside moving then you are ready to take your piece out of the mold.

First you will want to remove as much playdough as possible. Because the playdough was heated from the hot glue, the playdough may be difficult to remove. Take an old toothbrush and scrub the last of the playdough off your piece under some running water. After removing all the playdough dry it off. You should have a plain, foggy, version of your original object. You can leave it this foggy color, put LEDs behind your piece to make it glow or you can paint it whatever color(s) you want.

As fun as small objects are I still wonder how to build larger objects from molds such as cosplay style weapons. I will continue to explore molds and creating larger objects in hopes of creating bigger and better things. Until then tough I will mess with small molds and update you guys on how to make cool things.






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