If you’ve seen any of my posts then you know I have reacuring injuries, the main one being my weak wrist. As a member of colorguard, a high impact sport that has a lot of jumping, rolling on the ground, throwing things in the air and often getting hit by them, I know how hard sports injuries can be. Especially the ones you can’t overcome.

The first time I injured my wrist was the first time I tried spinning rifle. For those of you don’t know it’s a solid chunk of wood shaped like a rifle, it may not be metal but it’s still heavy. At the time I didn’t know but I have a lot of joint pain and my left wrist, I would soon find out, is the weakest joint in my body. After about an hour of rifle the pain began to show itself. I had thought it was normal at first, just underdeveloped muscles just aching from being pulled on but then it kept happening. Soon I was wearing a brace just to do normal activities.

Since then I’ve learned how to work with it. I try to take long breaks, ice it after practice, and wear a brace to support the muscles when I’m not practicing. Friends have told me to give up on rifle but since it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now I refused to give up and now I’m pretty good.

Often when it acts up I try not to think of weakness but as something that makes me stronger than others. To be able to push through pain Is not an ability everyone has.

Of course it still challenges me a bit. It’s not easy to get out big tosses when my wrist feels like it’s going to break but the point is to keep going and don’t give in.



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