When I was younger I used to watch my dad wrap crystals in wire and thought it was a really cool talent. I’ve never been sure whether I could make something like that or not but I’ve always suspected that I could because I’m also an artist and have worked with wire before and after all, I am his son. So with this in mind I thought I’d give it a try and finally I realized that I had inherited his ability to do crystal wrapping so now I’d like to pass on that knowledge to you.

wire 11

For starters you’re going to want needle nose pliers (the ones with purple grips), wire cutters (pink grips), flexible jewelry wire, and the stones or crystals you’d like to wrap.

wire 2

Start with two long strips of wire and one of your crystals.

wire 3

Put one wire behind your crystal and the other in front like in the picture above.


This is going to be the hard part; twist your two pieces of wire together on both sides. It sounds easy but the wire will probably start twisting and slipping out of your hands. After you get them twisted with your fingers use the needle nose pliers to tighten them the rest of the way. Make sure the wire is tight enough so that your crystal doesn’t slip out of the wire.


Now that the hard parts over, take one set of wires and cross one wire over the front and the other behind the crystal. repeat with your wires on the opposite side so that it forms an X across the front and back of your crystal.


Now take the two wires on the left and twist them together, then do the same with the wires on the right. When you’re finished tighten them with your needle nose pliers.


If you have a long crystal like the one in the picture then cross the wires again to make another X and twist the sides.

wire17wire 16

Lay both sets of wire flat across the top of your crystal.


From there it depends on how you want it to fasten to your necklace chain or chord. For these I twisted the two sets together once and made one set of wires into a loop.


Then twisted the other set around the first.


Now clip the loose ends


Finally tuck away the ends so you don’t hurt the wearer with the sharp ends.


Now you’re done. Find a chain or chord to put it on and enjoy your necklace.


You can use this technique on any kind of stone but the results vary based on shape. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.






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