I know it hardly has to do with art but today’s post is a dedication to my girlfriend.


I’ve had a best friend my whole life that I could always count on. Someone I could always trust. What I didn’t expect is that she’d teach me a lesson as important as learning to trust. She taught me how to fall in love.

I had always wondered if we could be more than just friends but I didn’t think I was her type. Surprisingly though when I asked her out she said yes. It was a bit awkward at first but after a while I realized I couldn’t stop thing about  her. I’ve dated people in the past but whenever I did I’d have panic attacks. I really never did like dating, it was always frightening and more of a chore than something to enjoy but then there was her. I always wanted to be around her, always wanted to talk to her, always wanted to hear her voice. Being with her was comfortable and easy. It made me realize that that’s how a realationship is supposed to be. That’s what it’s supposed to be like when you love someone.

Shes a really beautiful girl. She has hair that’s such a dark brown it almost looks black. It’s always frizzy and often tied up in a ponytail or bun. She has these dark chocolate eyes that always squint a little when she smiles. Her lips are full and a light pink and behind them are her straightened white teeth. I never realized what a difference braces made on people until she got hers of. She used to have real funny crooked teeth but now she could be a model with that smile. Her laugh is loud and wild and although most people tell her to quiet down I love her loud laugh.

We broke after a few weeks, at the time I was going through a big change and she decided I needed to figure myself out before I focused on another person. At that time I learned what heart brake was. Whenever I left other relationships I felt relieved but this time I knew I was in love with her because it hurt to leave her. Luckily though I figured myself out and she asked for me back. I apologized for not being a wonderful kind of guy. I’ve known her long enough to know she into more masculine guys but I’m a smaller guy who takes dancing lessons. I was a bit surprised when she told me “I wouldn’t care if you were an alien with three arms” and that’s how I know she loves me back. Appearance doesn’t matter when the person your with has a personality that’s one of a kind.

Now what I want to know about her is everything. I want to know what her dreams are, I want to know what she wants to be as an adult, I want to know everything that makes her happy and all the things that make her unhappy. I love her to the stars and back.




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