About the Author

Like everyone else I started out as a child drawing with crayons. As I got older my friends put down their crayons and stopped drawing. I put down my crayons and picked up a pencil and while everyone was writing with their pencils I was drawing. People often ask me how I got so good (I don’t think i’m all that great at drawing but I definitely don’t draw stick figures). The only difference between professional artists, OK artists (such as myself), and novice artists is how many hours of their life they’ve spent drawing. The question isn’t ever when did you start drawing, its when did you stop? I never stopped.

If you’re an artist who has put down their pencil, their paint brush, or put away their dancing shoes, get them out and start being an artist again. Every day you aren’t creating art is a day your abilities get weaker. My goal is to get those who stopped to start again and to give as much help as I can to get them back on their feet. Don’t ever stop being creative, without us, the artists, the world is black and white.